2-tone butt-bumpin' screenprint with poem inside: "Our behinds are bodacious / the best buns alive So let's bump butts together / with a cheeky high-five!"

Breaking News

Top scientists have confirmed today
that you are amazing & wonderful and
they wouldn't change a thing about you!
Aww/YayDepending on your perspective,
you can celebrate, sympathize, or celesymbrapathizate! Blank inside.

Rainbow VisionSometimes the world is so beautiful I have to shoot rainbows out of my eyes.
Blank inside for your rainbow haikus.

We Could Be Astronauts
We could be astronauts. We could be anything.
Space-resistant up to 10,000,000 ft.

Love RobotOne day I'll build a robot that runs on our love.
And on unicorn power when we're having an argument. Realistically whimsical.

Wish You Were HereFor when we're worlds apart.
Scheme Come True
May all your dreams world domination
schemes come true.
Earn brownie points with the evil genius in your life!

Love Globally, Hug Locally Made locally, if you live in my neighborhood!
Blank inside to hold your hug poems.
Swiss Army CardFuturistic Cross-Off™ technology has you covered for every occasion! The last card you'll need.
Inspir-o-tronMay contain bursts of insight, lasers.
Blank inside for all your inspiration.
Hand silkscreened + coloured / giclée printed greeting cards
Printed on thick, hand-torn 100% cotton archival paper, standard 4¼ x 5½ size
Comes with 100% recycled windpower-made envelope
Protected by a plant-based compostable clear sleeve when applicable
$6 each, or buy a 5-pack for $25
Get the Fun-Pak for $50!

10 randomly-selected cards! Perfect for camping trips!
Save $10 with the Fun-Pak!

Unified Theory of the Hugiverse
If you're feeling a little pressure,
that's just the universe hugging you.
It's science.

You Are What You Eat
..so keep up your steady diet of
Organic. Vegan. Local. Awesome.

russell alton


New Msg

Tongue-tied around your crush?
This two-panel card plays it cool for you.

Fate Tectonics
Even though we're far apart..
I believe in fate tectonics.
The science of the planet cannot be denied!
May cause earthquakes, volcanoes? Use with caution.

Winter Wizards

These cheerful (peppermint-flavoured??) wizards
are making the most of the season & hope to
share their joy with you.